Our bookshop

For many years our Bookshop has been a fixed value in the life of the economic student. Every semester all students of our faculty pass through here to purchase their books and courses. We try to offer these at competitive prices and with a smooth service. In addition to books and courses, the sale of event tickets and Ekonomika merchandise are also part of KD’s duties.

Unfortunately, our IT system does not support a book ordering formula for the English site. After reading the following instructions, switch the language of the site to NL.

Step 1.1: Make sure you are logged in. ‘Inloggen’

Step 1.2: Otherwise make an account. ‘Registreren’ and follow the directions given.

Step 2: If a coursebook is required (known by asking the professor or checking the introduction slides) for a specific course, select the book by using the search function ‘zoek: … ‘.

Step 3: Add the book and checkout. Each book can be added by clicking on the arrow of the book and clicking afterward on the button: ‘in winkelmand’. When you have added all the books, click on the shopping cart at the top right to checkout. Then review your selected books and click on ‘Doorgaan naar Afrekenen’ (proceed to checkout). Fill in your r-number and click on the checkbox. Click on continue to bancontact and pay in a way of your choice. Can’t pay with a mobile phone? No problem, the most important thing is that you have tried. We receive the order as a failed purchase, then you can pay the amount to the course service with the card.

Step 4: Pick up your books. Now you can come to the Bookshop to pick up your books during our opening hours.