Impact of coronavirus

Most recent information on Ekonomika events and services


Until the end of the first of April, there will be no physical events at Ekonomika. There will be many online events to join, so be sure to check our website and Facebook page.


Our Bookshop is open. you can order your books and collect them at the Ekobar safely.

Ekobar and Dulci

Both the Ekobar and our fakbar Dulci will stay closed until further notice.

Questions and suggestions

Given that the KU Leuven has decided to go fully digital this semester, both students and staff need to adapt. We want to maximally support you during these difficult times, by closely monitoring our education, together with the Faculty.

If you have any general questions, problems with a certain course, suggestions for the Faculty or anything you’d like to say concerning studying during times of corona, please contact us using this form. We guarantee that every entry will be communicated to the right person in the Faculty and University. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any point this semester!

For general guidelines and information, please check the KU Leuven website.
If you have a question that specifically relates to Ekonomika our your studies at the
Faculty of Business and Economics at KU Leuven, please contact [email protected].