Travel, quizzes, excursions and much more!

Are you the smartest?

The quiz of quizzes, the ultimate in intellect; the Superprestige Quiz! As usual, the Superprestige takes place in October! Here, groups of four students compete against the other strong candidates to win a share of the fantastic prize pool. Last year, this amounted to no less than €17,000!!! The 2020 edition was also hosted by none other than the ravishing Eline De Munck.


Together with many students, Ekonomika sets out to explore distant lands. This is done in our typical Utile-Dulci style. Last year’s destinations? First, a city trip to the cosy Polish city of Krakow! Besides getting a guided tour of this beautiful cultural capital, we enjoyed the vibrant Polish nightlife to the fullest. There was also a visit to the poignant Auschwitz. During the week after the exams, Ekonomika travelled to exotic Cuba. Here we enjoyed the beautiful nature and unique culture of this mysterious land!

City Trips

Every year Ekonomika provides a great experience in an iconic city. For example, each year we organize a trip to the famous Oktoberfest in Munich!